Vi er stolte av å kunne presentere enda en bidragsyter til ‘SeeNorway’ –
K. Ekker – som har sendt oss et fantastisk bilde fra ‘Saltstraumen’ rett utenfor Bodø (Nordland)

I’m proud to introduce yet another contributor to SeeNorway, K. Ekker, which has sent us a picture from ‘Saltstraumen’, not to far from the city of Bodø in Northern Norway.

019Rett utenfor Bodø, kun 90 minutter med fly fra Oslo, finner du verdensattraksjonen Saltstraumen. For det er her, rett nord for Polarsirkelen, at du finner verdens sterkeste malstrøm. Et eldorado for dykkere og fiskere med rike forekomster av torsk, sei, kveite, breiflabb og steinbit.
Dykkere lar seg føre med strømmen som en ‘ubåt’ fra den ene til den andre siden!

Just outside the city of Bodø, only 90 minutes by air from Oslo, you may see the world attraction ‘Saltstraumen’ which is by far the worlds strongest tidewater current. A true paradise for freediving and a rich biotop for fish like
cod, halibut, coalfish and wolffish!
Divers let themselves be taken by the currents – just like a submarine – from one end to the other. A trip you’ll never forget!

Fenomenet oppstår hver 6. time ved at vannmasser på nær 400 mill. m3 passerer i en hastighet på opp til 20 knop gjennom det 3 km lange og 150 m brede sundet mellom Saltenfjorden og Skjerstadfjorden.

The phenomena arise every 6. hours when approximately 400 million cubic meters of water are pressed through a 2 mile  strait only 160 yards wide at a speed of 20 knots.
(Compliments of KEK )

Flere bilder fra Saltstraumen (Google)
More pictures from ‘Saltstraumen (Google)

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6 Responses to Saltstraumen

  1. allesistgut says:

    Oh that could sound so that I’m the only one who hasn’t caught fish in Nordland because I didn’t managed it in Saltstraumen. 😉 But I caught a cod at the Lofots some days before the Saltstraumen. 😀

    • Seenorway says:

      He he, did I provoke you some? I remember standing in a small current ( a bit further north) an in only 1,5 feet of water trying out my new fishing rod. Then I happened to look down and realized I couldn’t see my own feet for fish! I ended up punching them out of the sea (like a bear) 😀

      • allesistgut says:

        Indeed, it was a kind of provocation by you! 😀 Your story is very funny. It’s a nice and easy way to catch fish. Reminds me of one day as I caught many crabs at Tjøme by only hanging the blank mackarels leader into the water and the crabs clutches the hooks tight and the only thing I had to do was draging them out of the water. 😉

        • Seenorway says:

          Was this the small green crab (50-100g) or the big red crab weighing 4-700 g?
          The first kind I was fishing frequently as a kid (I guess everybody have), but the latter I gathered scubadiving in the late afternoon/night with a flashlight and bare hands. We could gather as much as 5-8 kilos in a single dive and spent the night cooking crabs and drinking white wine out in the archipelago. Had a rather roomy leisure craft at the time . .

  2. allesistgut says:

    This is a very uncommon photo of Saltstraumen! 😉 It’s long, since I was there. But it was very impressive. I tried to catch fish there, too. But had no luck. Love how the mountains raises in the background. Ha en flott dag! 😀

    • Seenorway says:

      You must be the only human alive who hasn’t caught fish in Nordland ? 🙂 But I’ll give you that ‘Saltstraumen’ is rather special due to the strong currents that will take your hook and leave it close to the surface. If you activate the link from Google, you get an impression ‘how strong’ it may be at times . . .

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