Aurora Borealis

I nattemørket, på et lite sted ved navn Farstad i Fræna kommune, snek vår kollega seg avsted med sitt kamera. Det bodde ikke mange mennesker der ute på den værharde kysten, – bare 241, og gatebelysning var det dårlig med, men ‘nordlys’ – det hadde de !!!

IMG_2218_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]In the dark of night, in a very small place called ‘Farstad’ in the community of Fræna, our colleague crept up with his camera. There wasn’t really a great many people living out there by the harsh coast, only 241,  and there next to no street lights, but – the northern lights they had. Really!

IMG_2173_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Hvem i all verden trenger egentlig ‘gatebelysning’?
Who actually needs street lights in a world like this?
(Compliments of TXG )

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11 Responses to Aurora Borealis

  1. lylekrahn says:

    You captured quite the display

  2. Ragnhild says:

    Fantastiske bilder! Nordlys er virkelig et vakkert og storslått fenomen, som i har mye av også her nord. (Av en eller annen grunn skjer det ingenting når jeg klikker på “Like”-knappen hos deg, så selv om jeg liker det veldig godt, så vises det ikke…………)

  3. manoy says:

    hello im manoy from Thailand i is friend Harlard …he sick and died with diabetes and heart too….burn his body in Pitsanulok on 23 March i go to his funeral too he lonly much his doughter not come …his ex wife manage everthing for him

  4. Unfortunately not! 🙂 To get a shot like this you can’t be living just anywhere. But then we have contributors that do live in such areas, and they always keep their cameras very close at hand.

  5. Lucia says:

    Absolument magnifique !

  6. Your shot? Wooowww! Great!

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