Stormy weather

Dere har tidligere blitt introdusert til ‘Atlanterhavsveien’ mellom Kristiansund og Molde, men – selv om det virket som vinden blåste frisk, lå havet relativt rolig. Og så har vi fått en ny bidragsyter i ‘SeeNorway’, så hva er vel da mer naturlig enn at han får prøve seg? Og jeg tror vel langt de fleste skal bli overbevist 🙂  Så fest sikkerhetsbeltene!

You have earlier been introduced to the Atlantic Ocean Road running between ‘Kristiansund’ in the north and Molde in the south. But even if it seemed like the wind blew fairly strong, the ocean seemed calm. And – we’ve got a brand new contributor in our midst. So what would be more natural that him getting a whack at this? And I think most of you will be convinced that we have made an excellent choice? So fasten your seatbelts!

IMG_1352b_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Været begynner å ta seg opp og sjåførene på veien må også nå ha et øye på havet!
The weather is picking up and the drivers on the road must now also have an eye on the ocean!
IMG_1201b_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Her kommer det faktisk noen biler! Og det er ikke et sted man kan rygge sånn uten videre . . .
There is actually cars coming down the road! And this is not a place where  you just start backing up . . .

IMG_1202b_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Ooops! Hvordan gikk det der? Men det kunne jo ha vært verre? Man kunne sittet i en liten båt . . .

Oooops!  How did that go? But honestly – it could have been worse! You could have been sitting in a small boat . . .
IMG_1262b_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Hah, der hadde vi flaks!  Bare 5 sekunder senere så . . .
Hah, we’re in luck! Only 5 seconds later and then . . .
IMG_1324b_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Hei, jeg tror vi møter noe . . .
Hey, I think we are meeting someething . . .
IMG_1346b_filtered [Skjermoppløsning]Hvor pokker ble det av?  Ser du noe? F. . . ! hvorfor skal du absolutt røyke med åpent vindu!

Where the hell did he go? Do you see anything at all? Why in hell do you have to smoke with open windows?
Did you miss the main report from the Atlantic Ocean Road? You may see it here.
(Compliments of TXG )
Fikk du ikke med deg hovedreportasjen fra Atlanterhavsveien?  Se den her!

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32 Responses to Stormy weather

  1. utesmile says:

    That looks so scary. I would only drive in calm conditions and rather wait and watch! Great pictures!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Spectacular shots! I’ve seen weather like this when I lived in FL and while traveling in Louisiana. Perhaps, not as dramatic because of lack of heights in flat FL and marshy Louisiana but living through several hurricanes makes one respect mother nature.

    • Seenorway says:

      It probably takes on a new phase when you’re driving your car downward on a slippery bridge against som fuzzy headlights and suddenly – whiteout! The car shuddering, you see nothing and you don’t know if your still on the bridge or on your way to a private aquarium .
      A memory for life!

  3. Thank you again for directing me here, I had forgotten I had commented here and seen the swell of the waves here.. a true spectacle to see . I for one would not like to be driving in stormy weather over this bridge 🙂 Many thanks again for allowing me to view this page again 🙂 Sue

  4. chatou11 says:

    Wow, fabulous! thanks for sharing!

  5. Strong winds and waves.. now I am pleased I dont drive along that road 🙂

    • May be so, but you would have had an experience you’d remember for the very rest of your life! And that would probably be what you were looking for visiting Norway?

      • I have been to Austria several times and find the buildings and the mountains very similar to those you have shown in Norway.. and I love walking … Norway is a beautiful country… We each have wonderful scenes within walking distance if only some would open their eyes to it..
        I find like you yourself, beauty in the centre of a flower… All Nature is Beautiful… and I had my own hairy experiences Lol driving through the snow a few days ago.. Lol.. I think I will remember those for a long while too 🙂 hehe..

        • And you’re still alive! Yes, something to remember! Today we experiencew a ‘chain crash’ involving some to cars in a tunnel not too far from where I live. Unfortunately somebody got hurt bad, and I guess that’s pretty hard to avoid in such a crash ’cause very fast things get completely out of control and there’s nothing you can do . . .
          But for one moment there, you really lived with every fiber of your senses 100% alert.
          Most of the day I think we operate on a 40% level 🙂 and most of us are completely happy with that 🙂
          Then there are some who must have their adrenalin kicks as often as possible. Then there is a serious risk at stake. Some times the risk taken has been too high! I accept that! What I do not accept is that people – in order to obtain such kicks – make foolhardy decisions that put other people in harms way participating in dangerous rescue operations.

  6. vestlending says:

    Ja, dette var en opplevelse! og vi burde kunne få flere slike stormbilder fanget langs den forblåste kysten vår!

  7. brulionman says:

    haha, expect the unexpected 🙂

  8. har aldri kjørt der.. men det skal skje .
    og til fotografen – informative bilder.

  9. Powerful images my friend. Well captured and sharp photos even though it looks like the wind was quite strong. I am glad you did not blow away so you could post them 🙂

    • Not to worry, Rick! It wasn’t me 🙂 New guy on the team supplying pictures from Norway for you all. Doing it all alone, I’d probably need to be 25 again. Getting som more guys on the job and we do have chance of making some headway. But it may be rather windy out there. (I made the main report published earlier)

  10. manoy says:

    i like much

  11. Ragnhild says:

    Fantastiske bilder av sterke naturkrefter, Det minner meg om noen nifse opplevelser jeg har hatt over bruer i storm. Nesten rart at de ikke stengte brua, Jeg husker at jeg og mange flere bleværfaste et døgn ved Tjeldsundbrua for et par år siden og måtte overnatte på Tjeldsundkroa. Men her virker det både verre og mer spektakulært. Veldig fascinerende!

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  13. Alastair says:

    Great shots! I’d love to capture shots like that.

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