19 (2)Gildeskål kommune ligger  i Salten på den såkalte ‘Helgelandskysten’ og grenser til Beiarn, Meløy og mot Bodø. Den største øya i kommunen er ‘Sandhornøya’ og her finner vi også hjemstedet til dikterpresten og poeten Elias Blix.

The community of Gildeskål is located in ‘Salten’ on the coast of ‘Helgeland’ boardering against ‘Bodø’, ‘Meløy’ and ‘Beiarn’. The largest island in this community is ‘Sandhornøy’, and on this island we find the home of the renowned poet and priest Elias Blix.

Gildeskål er en relativt liten kommune. Bare 662 kvadratkilometer bebodd av nesten 2000 mennesker, men – ikke la deg lure! I denne kommunen finner vi Norges dypeste grotter (315 meter dype) med tunneler og passasjer som strekker seg 9 km i alle retninger!

Gildeskål is a small community, – only 662 and here live slightly less than 2000 people, but don’t be fooled! In this community you may also find the deepest caves in Norway (nearly a thousand ft. deep!) with tunnels stretching as far as  6 miles in all directions!
a (2)Men på overflaten virker alt stille og vakkert!

But on the surface everything look beautiful and serene –
20 (2)Også er det naturligvis midnattssolen som kan sees i denne delen av landet.  Dette bilder er f.eks. tatt rundt midnatt! Og hadde det ikke vært for den store skyen så hadde det vært betraktelig lysere, men kanskje ikke fullt så fargerikt?

Then there is the ‘midnight sun’ which may be enjoyed in these parts of the country. This picture, for instance’ were taken close to midnight! And if it wasn’t for the large cloud in the skies, we might have experienced bright daylight, but possibly not the same colorfulness?
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7 Responses to Gildeskål

  1. Captivating and beautiful Peace is felt within both these photo’s

  2. kalabalu says:

    Sky got amazing composition… I know..caves are the real important aspect 🙂 but sky is amazingly artistic

  3. allesistgut says:

    Beautiful Helgelandskysten. I really love it.

    • Yes, it is ideed a beautiful coastline, but you need a boat to really get the shots that you won’t ever forget. And it’s not easy due to the length and the time consumption. Then there is the weather . . .
      Of course, you may take ‘Hurtigruten’, but that boat has got a schedule to keep. I’d want to criss-cross the waters for a week! Must probably find myself a fisherman who shares my compassion for photography 🙂

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