Are your insurance paid?

Nye bilder 342Dette er akkurat på grensen til hva som er tilrådelig. Og man kan fort bli lurt av dimensjoner.  Den vertikale sprekken midt i bildet er f.eks. 8-10 meter høy!

This is just about as far as you safely may approach the glacier! It’s easy to be fooled by the proportions here. The vertical crack in the middle of the picture is something like 25-30 feet high!

Nye bilder 354Hvis du sklir her, så er løpet kjørt! Og igjen er det langt høyere enn det ser ut til!  Ned til vannflaten er det rundt 150-200 meter!

If you slide here, you don’t have to worry too much about what life has in store for you! And from my lense and down to the river in the bottom of the gorge it might be something like 5-600 feet!

Picture 794Det er ofte bedre å betrakte naturen på litt avstand!

It’s often better to enjoy nature at safe distance!
(Compliments of SRB)


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6 Responses to Are your insurance paid?

  1. allesistgut says:

    To be careful in the nature is always a good idea. I had some dangerous situations in nature (all in Norway). But you learn from it, too. Ha en fantastisk dag!!! 😀

    • Seenorway says:

      There is an expression: Being ‘the King of the mountain’, but at times the nature will show us that we are indeed not! We are more like small tiny ants that may be squashed at will. It’s wise to think about what could really happen and how helpless you’d be. What’s the use of an experience of a lifetime if you don’t live to tell anybody about it? To share with your family? Still we’re hunting so called ‘adrenalin kicks’, and sometimes we do really get one! (The very last)

  2. Awesome!!! Love the blue in the iceberg!!!!

    • Technically – not iceberg (which floats in the sea), but a glacier that slowly comes down into the lowlands. But the fantastic colors are much the same. I’m told is has to do with the consistance of the ice. Blue/green are formed under imense pressure (Old ice).

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