Delights of summer

Picture 8310En liten tøffing som egentlig ikke er noen tøffing, men som later som han er noe han slett ikke er! (Slik mange av oss også gjør i det daglige). Dette er en ganske vanlig ‘blomsterflue’ og ikke en bie med giftbrodd. Ganske ufarlig!

A small ‘though guy’ who actually is nothing of the sort, but who pretends to be something he’s not!  (Just like many of us do in our ‘everyday lives’? )  This is a quite common ‘flower fly’ without any form of toxic sting.   Absolutely harmless!

Picture 8276(Compliments of SRB )

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16 Responses to Delights of summer

  1. kalabalu says:

    eating away all nectar before the butterflies and the bees..nectar was sweet.

  2. Without his Brother- the ‘real’ Bee we would have no flowers or food!…. They do a wonderful job and yet so many people run from them.. even these little fellows in their masked disguise as a Bee 🙂

    • It’s a fact, Sue, and there are some warning signs which are not heeded they way they should! Over the last two-three years the population of bumblebees and ordinary bees has receded by more than 38%. In China they have been pollinating their apple farms by hand for a number of years already.
      Imagine what will happen to the earths suply of food in another 3-5 years if the bee population drops another 30%? It’s blamed mainly on insecticides, but the farmers think ‘short term revenue’.

      • Yes this is a sad fact and here too we noticed Less Bee’s Last year.. A person in a nearby allotment from us has put a hive on his plot last year, so we are hoping it thrives .. Every Beehive helps.. 🙂

        • I think the world should pass a law (every country) that every farmer in the world ought to have at least one acre with a so called ‘flower field’ where no isecticides were allowed.
          Perhaps we could curb the decrease somewhat? In the meantime they ought to find insecticides that wasn’t as harmful to bees/bumlebees as the one the use today.

          Just imagine what would happen if nothing got pollinated? It would affect most anything and not only what we people are eating.

          • We would Starve pure and simple! ..
            I saw a project somewhere in England, on a farming programme whereby they were doing just that… Allowing Fields to return to meadow land..
            I have spent some time out in Austria on various vacations and the meadow lands there are unbelievable , so rich and full of flowers, and the cattle eat what is cut as hay… not this man-made chemical feeds..

            • Seenorway says:

              Yes, we would. At least the majority of us! As I said here: In China they have been pollinating their apple farms for years! They can do that due to cheap labour, but – chinese wages are also increasing. T do something similar in the US have been estimated to 9 billion dollars a year and the final bill will come to us that purchase apples!
              Pretty soon nobody can afford apples and in a future (not too far ahead) most of us will be eating red, green and blue tablets for dinner! (I’m rather happy with my age)

            • Yes, thats why we need to keep peoples awareness levels high in these area’s for our future generations… I understand why I have a very determined intelligent two year old granddaughter.. for they will be the ones left to pick up our left over pieces!

            • Seenorway says:

              It may already be to late, I’m afraid. The next two years will be crucial! Working within macro photography I have noticed that bees (mostly bumblebees) are under attack from a specie of mites! Around the head and shoulders of a bumblebee there may be as many as a dozen such mites draining their life away, so it’s not only insecticides but a combination of several things. Medaows are of no use once the bees and the bumblebees have gone – but let’s hope new species might develope . . .

            • Yes the mites are one of the causes of the decline in our bees. and many hives have been hit.. Let us live in hope my friend..

  3. Such a beautiful colorful creature !

  4. allesistgut says:

    Great macros. 😉 Ha en fortsatt finfin dag!

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