Sharp eyes

I know I probably started something last night 🙂  And I know that some of you might have difficulties in seeing any of the small (and big) fantasy monsters I predicted. So in order to show you how to look, I have tried to outline some of them.

My lines may, however, be a bit disturbing to you. So once you have an idea where to look, I recommend that you look to the original published yesterday. And don’t use your readers!
You need the pictures in ‘full screen’ directly from the blog.

Picture 595bbbx
Picture 595bcxHer har jeg forsøkt å hjelpe de som i gårsdagens bilder ikke har greid å finne noen skumle kryp!  men når dere nå vet hvor dere skal lete, anbefaler jeg at man ikke benytter nettleseren, men går inn på selve bloggen hvor dere kan se bilder i ‘full screen’.
(Compliments of SRB)

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7 Responses to Sharp eyes

  1. i see faces in the nature too! since i was a little boy. In the clouds,stones,trees everywhere. i can complee understand your mood 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      You’d be surprised to know how many people there are that see nothing!? I think that your ‘inner eye’ must be given a chance to develope?
      Thus I study any sheer cliff face in detail, looking for faces or indication of faces (and all of a sudden I see them) There is something with our brains I think.
      Like whenm you are using progressive glasses and can’t seem to find the right angle of things, and then suddenly they work!
      I see faces in most places now a days, but I didn’t always. It’s great to look up into the skies and find ‘portraits’ or other special motives up there, but you wanna have a camera handy because the motives may shift within minutes and what mwas clearly there a minute ago i gone for ever. (And it must be the right kind of clouds! )

  2. kalabalu says:

    suddenly I many demons captured 🙂

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