For the sharp eyes –

Picture 594bVi starter med dette utgangspunktet: En liten ubetydelig dam i skogen. Ikke noe spesielt i det hele tatt. Noe man egentlig bare ville ha gått forbi uten et blikk –
Men la oss ha det litt moro . . .

We start off with this base: A small unimportant pond in the woods. Nothing special! A pond you’d probably pass by without giving it another glance? But, – let’s have some fun . . .

Picture 595bbbHva har jeg gjort her? Jo, jeg har intensivert fargemetningen i bildet.  Mye mer enn hva man vanligvis gjør! Men jeg har ikke gjort noe annet enn akkurat det!
Deretter har jeg (for deres skyld) også snudd bildet 180 grader slik at dere nå også har en ‘speilvendt’ versjon. I tillegg har jeg laget enda en versjon hvor bildet er snudd bare 90 grader.

So what have I done here? Yes, I have intensified the colors in the picture. Much more than you’d normally do to any picture, but – I have done nothing else!
Then I have (for your convinience) made you a copy that have been turned 180 degrees. One beeing a ‘mirror reflection’ of the first one. And to end it all, I have made you another copy of the first one, this time only turned 90 degrees!

Picture 595ccc
Picture 595bcGlem alt om bilde nr 1!  Det var bare for at dere skulle få et lite inntrykk av utgangspunktet!

Forget that you ever heard anything about picture nr 1!  I just wanted you to see where this comes from!

Nå, – ta på dere de beste ‘fantasi-brillene’ der har. de dere bruker når dere skal på tur i ‘eventyrskogen’ og jakte på ‘tusser og troll’ og andre skumle skapninger. Det er dusinvis! Og de kan være kjempestore så vel som bitte små. Jeg blir ikke forbauset om dere finner flere dusin skumle små skapninger her. Jo lenger dere ser, jo flere kommer krabbende til overflaten 😀  Hvor søren
kommer de fra alle sammen?  God Jakt!

Now, – take your  very best fantasy goggles you’ve got!  The ones you use when you are venturing into the ‘ dark and ugly’, the forest of adventures, – that’s where nyphs, ‘trolls’ and other scary figures keep house! They may be enormous, and they may be small, – very small, but I won’t be surprised if you find dozens of small (and some not so small) scary figures hidden in the wilderness. The longer you stare, the more are crawling to the surface. Where the hell are they all coming from? Happy hunting!
(Compliments of SRB)

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7 Responses to For the sharp eyes –

  1. allesistgut says:

    This is really eerie but cool at the same time. So much beings to discover.

  2. Holycowgirl says:

    Really delightful, the brilliant colors and the mystery.

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi, ‘HolyCowgirl’ –
      Thanks for stopping over on my blog. The mystery shot has been revaled, as youy might discover, but there are a lot of nice photographs to look at, and a number of extensive photo reports from different settlements throughout Norway (and more coming). Enjoy!

    • Glad you liked it. It’s rather cool, but you got to have ‘an eye’for such things. There are plenty of people who doesn’t see anything at all!

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