New day

OrestammeJeg åpner dagen med et såkalt ‘rebus-skudd’: Hva ser vi her?  Neida, det er ikke spesielt vanskelig 🙂  ; mer ment å fokusere på alle detaljene man kan finne i naturen-

I’m opening up today with a small enigma: What are we seeing here? And ‘no’, it’s not an extremely hard question; more ment to bring focus on al the small details we might see around us.

Unik himmel 2Jeg har vist dere såkalte ‘perlemors-skyer’ før,  men disse er mer slik de pleier å være – dog ganske praktfulle.

I have shown you ‘mother of pearl’-skies before, but these are more like they usually are, even if these are magnificent.

Kopi av Nye bilder 019Det er ikke ofte en solnedgang antar slike former eller farger, og antagelig var jeg heldig som var til stede akkurat der og da – med et kamera!

It’s not very often that a sunset takes on such form and such colors, an I was possibly very fortunate to be there just then – and with my camera.
(Compliments of SRB )

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24 Responses to New day

  1. vestlending says:

    Ellers var jo perlemorskyene og solnedgangen spektakulære!

  2. vestlending says:

    Ok, oppdager nå at du opplyser om at det er en Bjerke stamme!

  3. vestlending says:

    en vei med gammel sprukken betong eller asfalt? men skjønte ikke alle de små hullene?

  4. For those who tried to guess the ‘mystery shot’ I’ll have to come up with the solution before this shot goes into the oblivion of histor:
    A birch stem (shot at a distance of 5 inches) But, to prevent you from guessing it on first attempt, the picture was turned 90 degrees.
    (Nothing else)

  5. kalabalu says:

    is it a cracked earth with small plants that died

  6. allesistgut says:

    Could it be a bone or something? And the sky photos are absolutely beautiful. Never seen such pearly sunset. Ha en fin dag! 😉

  7. meta says:

    a rock or stone?

  8. inavukic says:

    The photographs are striking, amazing – just stunning! Thank you for sharing this

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