Cognac River

Kopi (2) av Nye bilder 012Ville det ikke vært flott om man kunne skaffet seg ubegrenset tilgang på en utmerket konjakk når behovet meldte seg? Slik gikk jeg og drømte meg bort på en tur i skogen . . .
Og plutselig ble jeg bønnhørt!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an unlimited supply of good cognac whenever you felt the need for it? This was a fantasy of mine there I was walking through the woods . . .
And all of a sudden my prayers must have been heard!
(Perhaps I ought to pray more often?!)
(Compliments of SRB )

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9 Responses to Cognac River

  1. The colour and light effects are beautiful in this photo, very special, like it lots.

    • Hi, Shirley –
      I admit it’s a bit special. And I didn’t bring any bottles 🙂
      How’s the weather down in your parts of the world? I hear some people would appreciate a boat?

      • Poor old Queensland is in serious trouble again with floods all along the eastern seaboard, into the central district and then it continues down into New South Wales. We have been told to expect a bad cyclone season – here it is! My brother is at Bundaberg and they are safe but surrounded by water. The flood level has not peaked there yet. Other relatives are all safe too. Praying the people will all be sensible and look after their safety, obeying orders to evacuate. .

        • It seems the weather’s going stronger and wilder year after year? If this contiues everybody ought to have an aluminium boat in the back yard. You could fill it with flowers untill you need it to float 🙂 Then there is the problem with snakes and other creeps that flee the rising waters. There could be an awful lot of them on a small area . . .

  2. Nothing like a nice snifter of cognac to end the day 😉

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