Memories III

Denne spektakulære fossen kan beskues på strekningen Oppdal – Sunndalsøra, men den ligger så dypt i naturen at man nesten må vite at den er der.

Picture 1804

This spectacular waterfall may be enjoyed going from Oppdal to Sunndalsøra, but – it’s lying so deep underneath the road that you need to know it’s there.

Dette vakre fjellet fant jeg like utenfor Sunndalsøra i Møre & Romsdal, men er litt usikker på navnet. Så kommer en reddende engel og foreslår noe som etter all sannssynlighet er korrekt: ‘Hoåsnebba’ på 1616 moh!
Picture 1823This beautiful mountain I found just outside Sunndalsøra in Møre & Romsdal, but unfortunately I’m not sure of the name –
Then one of my readers came up with a suggestion that seems to be correct: ‘Hoåsnebba’ being 4848 ft! (Thanks a lot)

Picture 1812Denne fossen er vel heller ikke så verst å se på? Også den finnes på strekningen Oppdal – Sunndalsøra.

Also this last waterfall is to be found between Oppdal and Sunndalsøra and is rather nice to look at.

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9 Responses to Memories III

  1. vestlending says:

    Tror det er Vinur fjell? Hovs nebba ligger lengre nede i dalen!

  2. Srdjana says:

    Tack för fina bilder och information. Önskar mig att se de norska fjord. Jag är speciellt intresserad om Hurtigrut. Kanske en dag får jag uppleva de norska fjordar.
    Hälsningar från västra Sverige.

  3. simonsundarajkeun says:

    Reblogged this on Simon Sundaraj-Keun.

  4. allesistgut says:

    So beautiful. Oh the Oppdal region is my second home. I was in Sunndalsøra many years before. But I never drove the whole road from Oppdal to Sunndalsøra. It must be an amazing route. The mountain to the right could be Hoåsnebba with river Lauvåa cascading to the valley.
    Go’ helg!

    • Thank you! I’ll certainly try to look into it. Would be nice if I could get some names top that peak.

    • I have checked your suggestion and it seems to be right on the spot 🙂 As concerns the stream, I don’t think this one is related to Hoåsnebba as the picture was taken a full 30 minutes ahead of the one taken of Hoåsnebba. The stream must therefor be a good 30 miles to the east.

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