Hunting high!

Nye bilder 2786CDagens lunch er garantert fersk!

Hunting high, eating (s)low

Todays lunch is guaranteed fresh!

About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact:
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11 Responses to Hunting high!

  1. arjun bagga says:

    Brilliant picture and I love the tag line..

  2. allesistgut says:

    This is a cool shot. But not for the bird, I guess. 😉

  3. vestlending says:

    Artig innslag, selv om de fleste vil vel synes synd på fuglen?

  4. kalabalu says:

    Hello : ) I am happy to nominate you for Blog of the year 2012 Award. Please check out for details from my blog 🙂
    ps: cat had a good catch, but I feel pity for the bird

  5. chris13jkt says:

    A new emblem on the Davy Crockett cap 😛

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